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Pima Fishing & Rental provides a wide variety of services and tools for our customers. Our team has the knowledge and experience to get your job done safely and efficiently. From drill outs to clean outs, we offer different packages and tools to keep our customer’s costs down.

Our fishermen are the best in the industry. We provide our customers with the right tools and know how to land the fish quickly and cost-effectively. We have the experience and track record to keep your production on track.

Our Tubing Testing division is here to provide our customers with comprehensive services that include field inspection of tubing or casing, liners, coating, threads and caps to name a few. We have the technology to keep your iron inspected in a timely manner and the experience to stand behind our work.

Pima Fishing & Rental is here to assist you 24 hours a day to keep your completion, workover, abandonment or fishing job running smoothly.

Cased Hole Fishing Tools and Services

Cutters, Drill Collars, Grapples, Jars, Mills, Overshots, Shoes, Wash Pipe, and more

Surface and Down-Hole Equipment Rentals

Bits, Elevators, Flanges, Magnets, Pumps, Swivels, Venturi-Junk Basket and more

Fishing Services

Pima Fishing & Rental offers comprehensive fishing services in recovering fish that were lost down hole. Pima offers an extensive array of tools, procedures, techniques, & experience. When you combine that with a proven safety track record, we are able to provide our customers with quality results. This is extremely important in order to reduce problems and costs of wellbore issues.

Rental Tools

Our team takes pride in keeping our equipment and tools well maintained and in excellent condition. We inspect and redress tools after every job to ensure they are ready for immediate dispatch to location. Pima is ready to assist you with not just the tools needed for the job, but experienced personnel that can assist your fishing operations.


Promoting environmental concerns is a priority for safety of all personnel. We encourage employees to identify and promptly communicate matters of environmental concern to senior management as well as our client representatives.


Pima Fishing & Rental is committed to training employees in safe work practices with the goal of eliminating any work-related injuries or illnesses. Pima puts employee health first regarding all job assignments.

Training and Safety

Training begins on the date of hire for all employees. We have a competency program specific to each employee’s job. We make sure they understand how important safety is not only to them, but to our customers as well. No employee is allowed to work alone on a jobsite until that have completed our job safety and training procedures and has proved themselves to be safe and reliable asset to the company.

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